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EURASYP launches information initiative on yeast extract

01 October 2011
The European Association for Specialty Yeast Products (EURASYP) launches an information initiative about yeast extract for the food industry and retailer. “Yeast extract is often mistakenly equated with additives and flavour enhancers. But yeast extract is a 100% natural ingredient based on yeast”, says Gerard Hardeman, spokesperson of EURASYP. “With this joint initiative, EURASYP intends to counteract misinterpretations and to support the retail in taking up the consumers request for more transparency and factual information.”

Vegetarian recipes: Zucchini Muffins, Quinoa Burger and Celery Nuggets

More and more people abstain at least occasionally from consuming meat. However, those who like to enjoy savoury dishes don’t have to renounce taste. It can be added with yeast extract. As an ingredient of granulated stock, for instance, yeast extract has been used for more than 50 years both in households and in professionals’ kitchens to round off the taste of dishes. Yeast extract adds a savoury taste to vegetarian dishes as the recipe ideas show.