Vegan cuisine - hearty taste thanks to yeast extract

12 December 2019

Our appetite for hearty dishes increases considerably during the colder months of the year. This demands no small amount of creativity for the increasing number of people following vegan diets if they are to give meat-free and vegetable-based recipe ideas a full-bodied taste. The growing number of vegan blogs, cookbooks and cooking courses indicates the broad interest in how delicious vegan dishes can be prepared without having to do without that sought-after full-bodied taste. We asked two food bloggers to present us with some recipes for hearty vegan dishes.

Food blogger Annika Moon demonstrates just how simple preparing hearty vegan dishes can be with the Mac & Cheese recipe presented on her blog “moon-spoon”, which is given the characteristic, hearty taste of the much-loved dish by yeast extract, while retaining those classic cheesy notes. “You don’t have to fly half way around the world to find shamelessly delicious macaroni with a vegan cheese sauce, and you don’t need an unnecessarily complicated recipe either”, writes Annika Moon in her blog. The alternative cheese sauce takes just five minutes to prepare and, in addition to oat milk, vegan cheese, garlic and paprika powder also uses both yeast flakes and yeast extract.

In her blog called “Mein kleiner Foodblog” (My Little Food Blog), blogger Susanne Punte shows that simple dishes such as her vegan cheesy potato wedges with an avocado dip can be given a special savoury taste by adding yeast extract. Susanne also emphasises the health-related aspects that cooking with natural yeast extract brings to vegan cuisine. This is because yeast extract is known to contain high concentrations of proteins, amino acids and vitamins.

You can find the recipes for you to follow at home here:

Vegan cheesy potato wedges with avocado dip


Vegan super cheesy Mac & Cheese