Vegetarian diet becomes increasingly popular

19 November 2015

How yeast extract can support a healthy diet.

The vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is still one of the biggest nutritional trends and is thus also of interest to the food industry. Big international trade fairs, at which the industry regularly discusses the latest developments in the food sector, repeatedly confirm this. In contrast, in light of the challenges of rising populations worldwide, it is becoming more and more likely that meat will not be a regular component of all people’s diets.

Most vegetarians don’t want to have to do without the hearty taste of meat and many seek a substitute or a real alternative to give their vegetable-based dishes a heartier touch. Yeast extract can provide a solution here: it gives a hearty and meaty taste that vegetarian dishes often lack, it is very similar to a meat bouillon but has no meat ingredients. Yeast extract is the natural ingredient that helps to balance out and bring back the aromatic tastes that are lost in the vegetarian diet due to the reduced intake of foods that are rich in protein, imitating the familiar taste of meat.

A lot of vegetables and vegetarian foods also contain natural glutamate, which is responsible for a hearty umami taste. These include legumes, tomatoes, peas, onions and mushrooms, but also Parmesan cheese. The amino acid glutamic acid and its salt, the glutamate, also occur naturally in yeast extract.