• “Umami” means “delicious” and “savoury”

    It is the taste that we do not only experience when spooning up a bouillon with yeast extract. As a matter of fact, all protein-rich foodstuffs contain different amounts of the natural amino acid glutamate that provides this characteristic aromatic taste.

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    A daily ingredient

    Yeast extract is a commonly used ingredient in many savoury foods.

  • Natural savoury taste of its own

    What characterises yeast extract is a natural savoury taste of its own, very similar to that of a meat bouillon. In food production yeast extract is used like a spice to round off the taste. This way, yeast extract can also contribute to lowering the salt content of food products.

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    Adding taste

    Yeast extract adds taste to our food, like herbs and spices.

  • From natural yeast

    Yeast extract is made from natural yeast and consists of carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals from the yeast cell. In simple terms, yeast extract contains all the components of the yeast cell without the surrounding cell wall.

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    Bread and beer

    Yeast extract is made from the same yeast that is used to make bread and beer.

Yeast extract at a glance

Yeast extract is a seasoning food ingredient. It is made from the same natural yeast that is used in bread or beer production. Thanks to its special mixture of proteins that comes entirely from the yeast cell, yeast extract is characterised by a savoury taste. 


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Frequently asked questions

Does yeast extract contain glutamate? 
Why isn’t yeast extract labelled as a flavour enhancer? 
Isn’t it misleading for consumers that products containing yeast extract are often advertised with claims like “without additives”? 


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